Keeping the Peace

The sheriff is the conservator of the peace.  It is the duty of the sheriff to ferret out, detect, and prevent crime, to secure evidence of crimes; and to apprehend and arrest criminals. The sheriff is also charged with patrolling the roads of the county. The duties and powers of a sheriff within the limits of an incorporated city are precisely the same that they are in the remainder of the county. The law draws no distinction.

Animal Control

The sheriff operates an animal control division tasked with enforcing applicable laws and regulations regarding the registration, restaint, and care of animals. In addition, animal control is responsible for impoundment and violation notification for unrestrained and nuisance animals.

Serving the Process and Orders of the Courts

The sheriff to executes and returns, according to law, the process and orders of the courts of record and of officers of competent authority.

It is the duty of the sheriff to execute within the county all writs and other process legally issued and directed to the sheriff and make due return thereof, either personally or by a lawful deputy or, in civil lawsuits only, by a lawfully appointed civil process server.

It is also the duty of the sheriff to levy every writ of execution upon a defendant’s property.

Attending the Courts

The sheriff is charged with the custody and security of the courthouse. It is the duty of the sheriff to prevent trespasses, exclude intruders, and keep the courthouse and the courthouse grounds in order. The sheriff is also responsible for the maintenance, repair and upkeep of the courthouse.

Operating the Jail

The sheriff, by virtue of his office, is the jailor and is entitled to the custody of the jail. It is the duty of the sheriff to take charge and custody of the jail and of the prisoners therein.

The sheriff is charged with receiving those persons lawfully committed to the jail and with keeping them personally or by deputies or jailer until they are lawfully discharged.

It is the duty of the sheriff to be constantly at the jail or have someone there with the keys to liberate the prisoners in case of fire.